Will the next fall guy please step forth..

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So Andy Hessenthaler has gone the same way as the previous six head coaches to have worked under the Becchetti regime. Not much of a reward for having your arse kicked twice by your employer (once metaphorically and once in actuality) and losing a lot of your own credibility along the way to the eventual sack.

To be honest I’m not shedding many tears over this. I think the standard and style of play that he has brought to the team was no better than the one we endured under Ian Hendon and certainly the defending from set play’s has,if anything, gotten worse. Even allowing for the undoubted interference coming from the owner regarding who is signed, given a first team start or even ostracised from the squad I think Hessenthaler was a poor choice who took the job on the basis of getting a pay rise at the expense of playing the stooge for his boss. Andy knew the way things worked here and had eventually (maybe naively) become part of the wider problem at this club – in that a total and utter disregard for the employees who work at Leyton Orient F.C (which has festered from the moment Becchetti and his henchmen walked through the door here) has permeated through to the playing staff and eventually into the stands. Hessenthaler going into post game interviews and coming out with utter tosh in regard to players ‘being unavailable for selection’ just legitimises the crackpot way Bechhetti has tried to run the playing side of the club’s operation when in effect his coaching qualifications run to six empty Peroni bottles on a matchday afternoon.

Now it has to be admitted that what we have witnessed over the last three weeks regarding Cox being controversially given a free transfer, the announcement of three unknown foreign signings and the crowd turning on the owner (at the end of the horrendous home defeat to Yeovil Town) have all occurred at some stage under the last owner, Barry Hearn, in the past. However, if the owner is now in effect ‘director of football’ then we have indeed arrived at another level in the circus that has engulfed this club since July 2014. Becchetti and to a lesser extent  Miceli and Gagliardi seem to believe that their decision making is above question when two out of that trio don’t have any sort of background in league football in any country. More pertinently, the team and club haven’t moved forward one inch during all the upheaval that they have instigated here since they arrived.

I would dearly love to see our  operations manager and head of recruitment go online or take out three of four pages in the club program to outline Orient’s recruitment strategy and how they intend to work with any head coach at this football club. At least we could all see what they are trying to achieve here and maybe more supporters who are now seriously questioning what is going on at this club could be a little more understanding  to what their reasoning and rationale behind the decisions they have taken to bolster the playing squad are. Because if they don’t, or are too frightened to make some sort of disclosure without Becchetti’s rubber stamp, then we can only assume that they are making club policy up as they go along, or actually agreeing with whatever their boss dreams up this week. Which appears to be the case as it stands.

Unfortunately, Mr.Becchetti’s answer to to any sort of problem appears to be ‘Fuck you, I’m in charge’ an attitude that  has brought us to where we are now and resulted in the unsavoury scenes of ten days ago in the main stand. I should think that his display on the balcony underlined his true attitude to the followers of  this club and those unfortunate to work for him. It is a projection of utter disdain and one that would put any half decent manager off of working for him or the club. Luckily for Franseco, this is football we are talking about and by the time you get to read this I should think that 50 C.V’s  from prospective candidates for the managerial vacancy here would have arrived in Angelieri’s in tray (only to be ignored for two weeks going by his reputation) already. Why? Because there are always people out there who will do the job under any circumstances knowing that the club pays well and they will get a payday either way. Hopefully, somebody who knows what they are doing will come forward and get something like some consistency from what still is a very decent looking squad here. My Choice would be  former Wolves and Millwall boss, Kenny Jackett. He’d still be a fool to take it, though.



  1. Clive says:

    Is Billy Smart still around? He used to be good at running a circus.

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