Orient’s comic book hero

Posted: September 12, 2016 in Uncategorized



Some of you may have come across a book entitled ‘Football’s comic book heroes’, which takes a nostalgic wander through the pages of British comics from the past 60 years and the characters that were brought vividly to life within their pages. Many of us are familiar with the likes of ‘Roy of the Rovers’, ‘Hot shot Hamish’ and, of course, ‘Billy’s Boots’.

However, thanks to a chance find at a boot sale it seems that Orient- or to be more accurate ‘Clenton Orient’ had their own star player in the shape of a Tibetan monk by the name of Sulo. Who could well have been brought here by virtue of Gagliardi’s contacts in the Himalayas and would be just the sort of character that Mr. Becchetti would like to see in our squad. That is until he becomes ‘Not available for selection’ for some reason or other I should think.

So it’s back to the pages of  ‘The Victor and Hotspur’ from February the 28th 1981 and the story of ‘The team of the dragon’. Click on the link below and enjoy



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