Third Time lucky

Posted: August 9, 2016 in Uncategorized


This missive is scheduled to appear in the Leyton orientear#249

  • This article was penned before the impending transfer of Jay Simpson. Just getting my excuses in early, there.

Third time lucky?…

And so we enter the third season in the reign of Francesco Beccehetti at Leyton Orient F.C and the way things have been shaping up over the summer possibly the one that gets the O’s moving in a positive direction at long last.

From where the club found itself at the beginning of May (no manager, hardly any experienced players and an unsightly bust up between players and supporters at the star man awards thrown in) it’s been good news all the way in regards to the signings we have made. Solid , experienced performers at league one and two level with promotions on their C.V’s along with arguably the best crop of youth players in 25 years which, in theory, makes the club a formidable prospect in league two this time around. Even Becchetti scored a win of his own with his court case versus the Albanian government finally being kicked into touch so for once we appear to have a strong vibe right across the club to kick the season off.

Andy Hessenthaler’s appointment as head coach came as a slight surprise seeing as he was making some pretty undiplomatic comments regarding the way the club was being run towards the back end of last season after Nolan’s demotion and Harrison’s exit following the Barnet disaster last April.

There was apparently a meeting at the presidents house a few days after the season ended with Hess, Edwards and the President with the upshot being that Andy was given a one year deal and maybe an extension if all goes well. This looks a bit precarious to me, but AH probably wangled a decent pay rise for his trouble and Becchetti is happy with it as at least everyone involved knows how this club operates and are not under any illusions regarding what the president wants. Again, and we seem to end up saying this every 6 months, Becchetti’s reputation as chairman who’s appreciation of your competence in your role at the club can flip on a single performance means any on field success will be as reliant on the president holding his nerve if the team hit a rough patch as the performance of the players on the pitch.

For my money I’d say that we have a great chance this season. A squad with strength in depth and the sort of quality to go with with it should mean a top 6 finish this time out, no problem.


Those of us who managed to get over to France will probably recall the tournament more fondly than those who stayed at home to watch it on the telly or in the pub. My abiding memory is getting caught up in a 3-day drinking session with about 25,000 northern Irish supporters in Lyon as they partied long into the night after beating Ukraine 2-0 and the city virtually running out of booze by Friday.

Meanwhile, the actual football dished up at the tournament never lived up to the entertainment served up in Brazil during the last world cup. I can only think of three or four decent games that really hit the mark, with Wales V Belgium being the pick of a very small bunch. Maybe the actual format worked for the smaller nations who took their chance to shine and enjoy the sort of footballing party that has been denied to them for almost 30-60 years while the big guns never really got going or imposed themselves throughout.

Meanwhile England continued to revel in their usual role of stinking the place out and gradually getting worse as the competition wore on. The Iceland disaster had been coming for years and it duly arrived with one of the most insipid capitulations ever witnessed from the national side. Of course the fall out that followed was predictable and the finger pointing/scapegoating of individuals that followed was just as depressing.

The bottom line is that I think that the whole set up regarding the national side can be described in one word-weak. encompassing the set up at the F.A, the tactics, the management and physically and mentally fragile players. The fact that the new manager for the national side game down to a toss up between Steve Bruce and Sam Allardyce says it all, although at least big Sam wants the job and appears to give a toss, which is more than can be said for some of the players who just show up and are frankly not good enough to be anywhere near a shirt.

Some of the fall out from this is already filtering through to this level. The farce that the FL trophy has descended into under the guise of ‘getting young players valuable game time and experience’ has only resulted in almost everyone of the big sides in the premier league saying ‘no thanks’ and a lot more meaningless fixtures clogging up the schedule. Leyton Orient actually voted for this, probably due to the million quid chucked into the prize fund by the premier league and the deluded idea that we could make some extra cash from potential games at Arsenal, Spurs or Chelsea. Miceli reckons it will also be good for the O’s for footballing reasons but if he can think of any I’d only be too happy to read his thoughts in the programme or club website when he rejoins us back on planet Earth.


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