John Sitton’s Letter – November 1995

Posted: April 3, 2016 in Uncategorized


Back in 1995 Channel 4 broadcast the now famous (or infamous) ‘Club for a fiver’ documentary filmed during the catastrophic 1994/5 season that almost led to the club become extinct. Since then the film has become ‘cult’ viewing but the fall out was pretty devastating for the then joint manager, John Sitton. John become a virtual football pariah in the years that followed, probably unfairly going by what has gone on in the game in the subsequent years since his time at the O’s. Shortly after the film was aired a letter (handwritten by John) came through the letterbox at ‘Ear towers and then editor, Tom Davies, put ‘Sitts’ version of events straight into the next edition (#90 Leyton Orientear) as a  right of reply to what was said about the film in the mag.

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Sitton’s letter to the ‘ear



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