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This article from Leyton Orientear March 2011 covers the impending (as it turned out) state hand out to West Ham United F.C

Olympic Stadium Aerial_110208_039

Olympic Stadium Aerial. Aerial view of the Olympic Stadium. Picture taken on 08 Feb 11 by Anthony Charlton.

As you may have noticed this magazine has devoted a huge amount of coverage to all things stadium/ground related over the past twenty years and by the time you get to read this a decision as to who gets the Olympic stadium will finally been arrived at.

There is no doubt that this has been a monumental cock up from the very day that the nation went berserk (back in 2005) after being awarded the Olympiad. One well known figure at the O’s told me that Britain’s Olympic bidding team had given up the ghost six weeks before the announcement regarding the destination of the games and were pretty much caught on the hop as to how to proceed when they realised that the games were coming our way. What has come out of all this is the realisation that our planning was just as flawed as the last time Britain was awarded a top athletics event (The 2005 World Athletic Championships) where the site a Picketts lock in Edmonton was going to have a 60,000 capacity stadium purpose built for a weeks worth of action. Then, surprise, surprise it was going to be scaled down to 20,000 for athletics use only. The upshot was that this idea was scrapped because it was not financially viable because to make the sums add up a premier league football club was needed as tenants. This sounds all too familiar but once again nobody ,it appears, has taken any notice of what has gone before and it has now led to a chaotic bidding war, the outcome of which will be made by people totally unaccountable to anyone except their political allies/mates. In my view Spurs are taking the absolute piss with their interest. They have their planning permission to develop White Hart Lane and are trying to muscle in to somewhere they have no historical or social links to and are coming out of this as absolute ‘chancers’. I thought all this was against Premier league regulations? What are the F.A doing about it? Nothing. Apart from getting some highly paid PR people to comment but say absolutely not one word against this sort of hijacking. West Ham moving next to us is bad enough but at least they have some sort of links in that part of the capital.

What about the O’s in all of this? I’m sorry, but I don’t buy into this mock outrage from Barry Hearn for starters. He has been looking to move us out of Leyton for a good few years now and this has now given him the chance to do this without looking the ‘bad guy’. Now it seems that two years after the club told O’s fans that a move to an olympic venue was dead in the water (main stadium and hockey venue) that we could be open to moving Orient to an Olympic site after all. So in essence we could actually be relocating NEARER to Spurs or West ham when all this is eventually sorted out. What a bloody shambles from the word go. Is it any wonder that this country can’t get a World cup? Much has been made of the ‘Olympic legacy’ but ,as usual, the legacy will be that the communities that this event was meant to benefit (both sporting and economically) for a generation will get shafted and that London’s second oldest football club will in all probability be forced out of the area. Olympic ideals? They can shove it.



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