Angry of Leyton

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An F.A cup capitulation on the back of some terrible home performances became too much to bare. This missive from the December 2009 Leyton Orientear.
Anger. I thought that the days of that emotion taking over my life – as far as the O’s were concerned at any rate, were long gone. However, in the space of one week those long suppressed feeling suddenly came crashing back into my life with avengence. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Hartlepool away and the disgraceful F.A Cup capitulation at home to Tranmere Rovers three days late as exhibits ‘A’ and ‘B’ in the case of my defence.

Perversely, I didn’t attend either of those encounters, although listening to the commentary from the Rovers match on BBC London I could well understand why only 1500 paying punters bothered to turn up. This must be the lowest F.A Cup attendance here since the Second World War and if nothing else illustrates the real problem at this club. Namely, this spirit within the O’s being in terminal decline. Yet, the following Saturday in the club programme hardly a mention was given to the situation from the powers that be. The ‘message from the boardroom page’ consisted of Matt Porter hashing together a re-run of the Thierry Henry basketball controversy that had zero bearing on the problems that are rapidly engulfing this club. The piece came hot on the heels of the utter crap that Williams came out with on the night of the Tranmere defeat regarding the amount of pessimistic people that happen to be around the club. I can’t imagine why Geraint, with all this free flowing football you are playing and the marvellous entertainment you and the lads provide. This is the sort of stuff that gets up my, and other supporters noses. Namely, a manager being in complete denial that it is his team and his selections that are at fault and holding an attitude that ‘we are only little Leyton Orient and what more do they expect’? Well, I expect some passion and bit of attacking nous every now and then, especially against a club in this division with a worse away record than us. I know that Williams and a lot of the players know that come the summer they will be looking for an ‘out’ from this club, but in the meantime they are obliged to put some effort in. Are the likes of Exeter and Yeovil throwing in their collective hand or shrugging their shoulders and accepting a season of struggle without a fight? No, and neither should we.

People like Jason Demitriou are emblematic of the bad attitude within the club at the moment. Petulant and an overinflated opinion of his own ability, it was only a matter of time before his temper coast us a game and sure enough we were punished for it by an needless cup exit (well at least before the forwards bottled another series of penalties) .
We have reached the point whereupon the football on offer from Geraint Williams team is actually driving people away from the club. The upshot appears to be that Barry Hearn has now got us on life support until he finds a buyer for the club or waits for the £2 million in the bank to run out so that the O’s go broke and that it isn’t his problem any more. There just is nowhere left in regards of hope for the dwindling rank and file O’s fans that are still sticking by the club more out of love than duty, it is a miserable state of affairs in all honesty.

You could say it’s all very well moaning about it but what can be done to change things in the short term so as to preserve our league on status? By all intents and purposes we are stuck with the awful forwards that will get us relegated (Mc Gleish honourably excepted) and if any of Ryan Jarvis’s family are wondering what to get him for Christmas a decent ‘sat nav’ with directions on how to round a goalkeeper would come in well handy, I can tell you. Petula is just plain lightweight with the added handicap of a bleedin’ alice band around his hairline which should have any right minded Orient follower screaming ‘wrong un’ from the moment he takes the field of play. As for Scowcroft, the signing was just plain bad. People have been making the equation with Parkin all season and they are not far out in my view. Whatever happens between now and May the goal scoring part of the side is the one area that will make or break the team, Williams and possibly the club itself. like it or not funds have got to be made available by Hearn to give Williams the means to change this situation for the better, just ignoring it and making do with the current strike force will condemn Orient to league two for certain.

Many of you reading this will automatically say ‘well where is the money coming from to get these mythical new strikers in’? Well apart from dipping into the money in the bank (yes, our old friend the £2 million left over from Barry’s ‘generous’ purchase of the ground) the only other way is to sell Tamika Mkanderwire in the transfer window. To be honest this is on the card seeing as his deal runs out in the summer and he can walk for free next year. There are also rumours that he has told the club that there isn’t any way he is signing a new contract when his present deal runs out next year, but the real worry is that there will be a ‘fire sale’ regarding his services come the January window and that he’ll be sold at a knockdown price leaving the dear old O’s the losers (as usual) in all this. He may not be the only one leaving too as the clock will be ticking on many of our squads contracts. For once, in regard to Orient, the January window just may bring some interest to us long suffering supporters.
There is no doubt that the next three months will be crucial for the long term future of the football club. As an ordinary fan I am just looking for someone at the club to give me some sort of hope for the next few months ahead. At the moment the silence from Williams and BH is deafening in regards to what we are going to do to turn this around. I don’t think that this season is beyond saving by any means, just as long as we can get some front men who can pressure the poor teams in this division. The question being is there a real will within the club to do this? Passionless players and Managers get the so called ‘passionless support’ they deserve and only scoring three goals in a game twice at home in two years tells its own bitter story. The whole sorry effort so far this season is not good enough from chairman to manager right down to the players. We expect more from all of you from here on in.
The cyberman.


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