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RogermellieThis article from Leyton Orientear April 2014 deals with the O’s running out of steam and the start of Fifa’s world unraveling.

B******. Yes, Big Orient game on the box and in typical Orient style we don’t turn up for it. Actually, that could be taken as a bit harsh I suppose. But in what was billed (rightly) as a potentially decisive moment of the campaign the two sides on view demonstrated why one will go up automatically and the other won’t.

I thought that Brentford did a good job on us. But Orient made their game plan work even better by being too frightened to play to feet and lumping it up to Lisbie who was outnumbered on his own more often than not. However, I would also argue that we have been very predictable at home for a good while now. Against Colchester the side had real difficulty in keeping the ball in the second half and resorted to giving away possession far to often. We stole all three points against the U’s but it’s our away form that is still standing up remarkably well. Even allowing for the game at Notts county which was probably our worst showing of the season by a mile. Mind you, Slade wasn’t helped by the fact that the home side doctored the pitch, (turning it into a mud bath) and that most O’s fans expected nothing less than a win after County shipped 6 goals the previous week.

With Brentford and Wolves seemingly pulling away there has been a debate regarding the way Orient approach the final 7 or 8 games. Do we go all out for the remainder of the season, playing people who have done so well for us? Or do we rest a few, and save players for the play-off’s which we are virtually assured of? My gut feeling is to keep our best side going until it is mathematically impossible for Orient not to go up automatically. Maybe rest one or two for the final 2 or three games but if we look to history when it comes to the play off matches it is the sides that go into them with the momentum of decent form that usually pull through at the death. Going by the disappointments of 1999 and 2001 we went into those games boasting some pretty mediocre form (only to perform well in the two legged ties but come up short when it came to the crunch) our results have an ominous look to them of late. I don’t think that now is the time to make too many changes too our playing staff or tactics as they have got us thus far.


Australian senator Nick Xenophon demanded that FIFA “refunds” the money the country spent on their unsuccessful bid for the 2022 World Cup, following the corruption allegations. Xenophon said that “It appears corrupt and highly questionable behaviour goes to the core of FIFA…Australia spent almost $46 million on a bid we were never in the running for because bribes were being taken for votes. Now we hear that bribes may have been made to fix the result for who will head up FIFA.”

Thus spoke a slightly peeved Australian politician back in 2010 after Qatar was awarded the world cup in what we shall term’ suspicious’ circumstances. Since then the fall out has become hard news with investigations, resignations and most of the FIFA committee from that fateful vote being shown up as crooks. However, when it came to the crunch a year later when Sepp Blatter was up for re-election ( unopposed – seeing as the dodgy arab sheikh was bribing everyone in sight and ,unbelievably, got caught doing so) Only England and Scotland from the senior football playing nations kicked up a stink during the voting. Where was Australia’s football association we wonder? That’s right ,doing what almost everyone else was and voting for the biggest crook in football. And they have the cheek to call us whinging.


Which is the mantra of most of the pontificating bores that follow that game when controversy raises it’s head in football. However after the sending off of Kieran Gibbs last week they may have a point. The previous week Ireland clinched the 6 nations after surviving a last ditch try that was conjured up with a slightly forward pass. The on field ref wasn’t sure that the try was legal, referred it to a 4th official in the stand and the right call was made. Tough on England and France but the winner , in fact, was the sport. One week later and one of the county’s top referees has his reputation left in tatters for what is really the sort of mistake that wouldn’t be made over Hackney marshes after a night on the fizz.

A bloke phoned into 6-0-6 to point out that a quick referral to the 4th official would of at least cleared up any doubts as to who should have got sent off. Apparently, the T.V monitor system in the tunnel (next to the fourth official) was removed last season after managers used it to scrutinise every call the referee made then go on to give the 4th ref pelters afterwards. Although another point that needs to be made is how often does a linesman know a referee has dropped a real clanger and doesn’t lift a finger to put things right? Going by the ones that run up and down in front of the East stand not many and maybe this, along with getting the fourth official to sit in the stand with a monitor needs to be addressed so as to eradicate the farcical scenes witnessed at Castle Greyskull (Stamford Bridge for younger readers).

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